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Henna and the Beauty of Herbal Body Adornment

Henna is a plant from which a natural stain is used on hair, skin and nails for traditional, cosmetic, and medicinal reasons. As a form of herbal body adornment, natural henna is popular for itís noted fragrance, itís variation in stain (ranging from dark reddish brown to light orangey red), and its cultural and historical significances. When applied to the skin the recipient may notice the cooling and soothing properties of the henna. Once applied, the paste is then left on for a duration of time (depending on oneís level of patience, and/or desire for a dark stain). The longer it is left on the darker a stain there will be left. Once removed the henna design emerges and continues to darken over the next few days. A well-set design may last 3 to 6 weeks. For many whose lives have been graced by mehandi, this ancient multi-cultural art form is a sacred act to bring beauty, grace, and good fortune.

We invite you to treat yourself and your friends to this simple pleasure of henna mehandi. Contact us to hire your artist for a private appointment, party, hafla, and any other social event. Whitney of Henna Arts & Supplies has been a visiting artist at restaurants, workshops, parties, and haflas.


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